1. missbrostrider:

    This fucking photo ruined my life whenever I think about it I burst out laughing I have gotten so many detentions cause of this fucking cat duckface monster

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  2. efedra:

    Self-Portrait and Hand Studies, (1882–1967) by Edward Hopper

  6. I’ve had these shoes for 11 years! 

  7. Tokyo Police Club at Sugar Beach in Toronto 2013


  8. Work out?

    This whole week has been about working out. Not just physically but socially… I guess that means that now that i’m up I should make breakfast and work out? Maybe i’ll sleep one it.

  10. Iceland 

  13. Icelandic horses

  14. Iceland

    Taken by Beth Morris 

  15. All my backpack necessities. Leaving for Iceland tomorrow night for a week with my mum. This shall be interesting. I’m super excited to take some photos.